caved in, like glass cracks still hold, if tension does not let go- the pain; be the shield, even though I’m made of glass? stay safe, stay numb stay tethered and tense don’t break- you’ll shatter build a new? salvage shards! distort the view ahead, if we’re clear you can see I didn’t break fromContinue reading “Windshield”

Southern Values

I’m American, face down in the soup. Only fools wish our names to mean somethin’ ’cause we gon’ die a glorious death- hunny never learnin’ to taste the water.

Wasteland, TX

By: Andi V.D. Berge Finding answers at the bottom of bottles that you forget by the time you wake but you’ll || grab the poison || You’ll || try again || You look back wondering why the clock never stopped- for You. The clock wondering, how You- got || stuck || on replay ||>

Urban Stew

By: Andi V.D. Berge California blankets- soggy, a week expired They say one man’s trash is, Well- it might be asylum. We wait, in a dust jungle. Resting and reading our shelter, around the Mulligan stew. Carcass for marrow, onion scraps for a punch We wait. Then we haul- with haste, locomotive Displacement.

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