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Law of Energy Transfer

Searching for love is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. The trick is– You can’t close the lid for anything less. Not fireflies. Not stars. Those things can burnout. When you catch lightning– When you feel its energy– You’ll know it will stay lit forever. *Inertia can add to the thrill of the… Continue reading Law of Energy Transfer

Grief as mass

I cried, I exhaled air moved slow it had viscous I weighed less it floated away My dad sat next to me today

Murder in Stockholm

I dreamt his wickedness dead- no one knew until I solved the mystery of where when how and then the blank bodies faces I can’t remember if they had one at all I ask them- Did he die? they all say yes as if they knew, as if I told them December 2nd was the… Continue reading Murder in Stockholm


caved in, like glass cracks still hold, if tension does not let go- the pain; be the shield, even though I’m made of glass? stay safe, stay numb stay tethered and tense don’t break- you’ll shatter build a new? salvage shards distort the view ahead, if we’re clear you can see I didn’t break from… Continue reading Windshield

Declaration to Self

To my true self, I am sorry I abandoned you to become a version of myself more easily digestible to people I wanted to like me. I am sorry I got lost in the tangle of trying to understand what the world wanted from me, rather than asking you what you need. I got so… Continue reading Declaration to Self


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