Obedience sold at market price*

She’ll be

lovely and quiet

pink and delicate

like an oyster

drooling on the floor

lipstick in place.

Insert through eye

and strike the chisel

A mere tap

with the hammer

and she’ll petrify

to breath-taking stone

and you’ll restore

peace at home.

Never mind the detachment,

you like your coffee

poured from an empty pot anyway.

  • Not so fun fact: When lobotomy was a legal practice, 84% of the people that received it were women.

I Don’t Need Nicotine Patches, I Smoke Cigarettes

Images of a Swamp Willow weigh me down

Statue my presence, petrify my face

Perhaps the monster’s toothed margin

its scattered warts on its alabaster belly

spare my fear a touch.

For its tentacles that root it still,

terrorize me the most.

The hush is almost tranquil, noiselessness

serves a calm but the tick

of time crescendos ‘til I crack

My little keepsake pattern,

always biting at my heels.