If you call it cutlery, let it cut

Reflective surface given power by flame.

Forged in a pit of hope, beaten

to elegant form.

Silver eager to mold- a spoon

if that’s what you need

a spoon here to please

Please, a powerful beginning.

Why a flattened start?

Pummeled on the anvil of servitude-

a hindsight bias,

she could have used in the fore

For a mix, a measure, a toss

a stir, or transfer- the spoon

can only crave what it has

dissolved. Silver seal Spoon’s surface from her

guts of wood

Would she need aspiration, I’ll give her

an aim. Spoons sit pretty

in their drawer, camouflaged

by other silver- not distinct.

You need someone, Silver Spoon.

Your purpose- is not your own.

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