Non-Fiction Portfolio

The Intersection of Marginalized Groups and Solitary Confinement

Solitary Confinement is a barbaric form of torture that is legal in the United States prison system. I work to expose the psychological damages of solitary, the sociological impact of being a part of a marginalized group and receiving punishment in the prison system, as well as how the criminal justice system has been breaking the law by keeping solitary confinement as a standard punishment in prison. I seek to exploit the practice for the torture it is and show why solitary confinement prison reform is necessary. Though it is understandable and rightful that criminals lose some of their rights when put in prison, in this I discuss the difference between rights we are all afforded as free individuals and what "inalienable rights" truly means.

Oral History of Dr. Gwendolyn Patton and the fight for Civil Rights

Oral History of Dr. Gwen Patton on the fight for civil rights in the 20th century. Includes freedom riders, SNCC, and Montgomery Bus Protest. Through this interview we are able to get a firsthand account of a Civil Rights activist and everything that led to her life being consumed by fighting for racial justice and equality. 

The Effect of Social Exclusion on Social Interaction

The evolution of social equality has progressed significantly in the past century; the change is significant, but it is not enough to claim our society as being socially inclusive. Although striving for social inclusion, our society can be more closely associated with social exclusion, or the process of being shut out from the very system that integrates a person into a group or community. The results from the aggregate... 

*All non-fiction work is unpublished and therefore only available by request.