Fiction Portfolio

Don’t be Such a Drag

This is a fictional story that follows a lesbian named Sam. Sam grew up in the drag world because her adopted fathers opened a gay club-Neon Gold, when she was a child. When they relocated to NYC to open a second location, Sam took over. Through the story she struggles with confidence-especially as she’s primarily grown up in a gay-man’s community, rather than one that is inclusive to her. Sam grapples with learning how to take up space in the world through drag.

Published by The Write Launch, September 2021 issue

Grilled Cheese Mondays

A coming of age LGBT+ story about a lesbian, named Eleanor, in her first year of college. Elle (for short) struggles with emotional connection with most people because she lost her mother to a car accident at a young age. The story shows her struggles with learning how to let a partner in-emotionally and fighting her instinct to be a little cold and focus on achieving. She finds herself falling for this goofy west coast girl named Frankie and realizes the affects of her instinct to protect herself first- gets in the way.