My name is Andi Van den Berge and I am a young writer of literary fiction and poetry.  I like to integrate my perspective, as a gay woman from the south into my writing by exploring the human condition. I have sought to understand the intricacies of how environment during adolescence- is a crucial definer in our own individual stories, but most specifically of marginalized members of the LGBT+ community.

On the lighter side, I enjoy reading fiction and non-fiction, baking bread, rollerskating, archery, painting, watching Drag Kings and Queens perform, and spending quality times with my loved ones.

My portfolio includes writing samples that display a range of expository, persuasive, and narrative writing techniques. My expository and persuasive writing works to discuss civil rights and adolescent trauma for LGBT+ youth, while I use my narrative writing to provide more positive representation for the queer community. My long-term career goal is to be a part of a generation of fiction writers that work to break up the homogeneous literature- written about the same types of people, and thus give more representation to marginalized groups.

Andi Van den Berge is a pen name, some works included are under my legal name “Brandi Cortes”

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