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  • I can’t be your mother, you are mine

    water too cold, biscuit too sweet tea won’t work I can’t drink or eat my stomach shrinks but grows with pain You let me down and I want You to feel the same- way as I did when You drugged me, then hugged me, every night before bed You wanted to love me but punished […]

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  • Are you sure you need dessert?

    Mommy was happy when I was good. I was good when I was quiet. I was good when I did what I was told. Then I got older And Mommy wanted me to be pretty too. She said— “If you let me pluck your eyebrows I’ll take you to Marble Slab” That’s the fancy place […]

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  • Law of Energy Transfer

    Searching for love is like trying to catch lightning in a bottle. The trick is– You can’t close the lid for anything less. Not fireflies. Not stars. Those things can burnout. When you catch lightning– When you feel its energy– You’ll know it will stay lit forever. *Inertia can add to the thrill of the […]

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  • Open up, pour the gas, strike the match

    Remember the big blue pills you would set on my tongue? Make me open up so you could inspect that everything was gone. So you could know you did everything you could It’s me that’s wrong It’s me that’s broken It’s me you can no longer control. But you did everything you could It’s not […]

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